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perfect fit blind brackets 20mm x4

Replace lost brackets easily no screwing drilling simply slide behind the gasket into position to align with the punch hole of your perfect fit blind

Great for repairs if your having problems with your existing blinds

 If you have a gap between your window and blind ie not sitting flush to the upvc its possible you have the wrong size bracket by quickly removing and re-installing the new bracket could change this making it look more aesthetic without the gaps

 This works better with pleated and venetian blinds as these can be pushed tighter to the frame please note if your already using the 18mm bracket and it still sits proud you have two options remove the brackets altogether and hold it against the frame to see if it will go any closer if so i would recommend using  small screws instead of brackets where the punch holes are located as this is your only option only if you feel competent to do this however 
if the blind is touching the glass cannot be altered this should be discussed with your supplier who has incorrectly advised you on this product

 roller blind perfect fit however tend to jam if any twist is put on the frame creating more problems to an already poor design I wouldn't personally recommended the roller blind perfect fit if your thinking of investing in them the pleated and venetian work far better with less maintenance required and increased lifespan but thats just my opinion

normally on the slide part that goes behind the gasket you will find the size stamped on your existing bracket if you are unsure


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